It is possible to use mic input as a line in input?

microphone inputs

When you are looking into some of the inputs it may make you feel they are performing almost the same thing, but it is not true. Especially the microphone input and line-in input are completely different from one another. There are no surprises on this thing because the purpose of them varies so they get differ from one another. Generally, the microphone inputs deliver low signal levels they are mono but the line in input higher-level input. You can find the difference between these signal level itself, but still using mic input as line in is possible. Get to know more about these inputs for getting a clear understanding.

What are line-level inputs?

Generally, your line in inputs is stronger than the microphone inputs they are equal to 1 volt, that is the line-level inputs are 1000 times of the microphone level inputs. This is enough to understand why the line-level inputs are stronger than the microphone inputs.

line-level inputs

With this high signal level, it moves to the pre-amp and then to the amplifier and finally gives you the output on speakers. In this line, in inputs, there are two types and these come with dBV and dBu. Other than this some more types of instruments require the preamp to get them to the line-level input. To collect the higher level signals from the line in inputs the speakers require special types of cables remember it.

What are microphone inputs?

The microphone inputs are also said to be mic inputs and their signals are lower level it comes only in voltage measurement. When compared to the line in inputs the capacity of microphone inputs are very lesser. The microphones usually pick this low-level voltage and reproduce the sound, but when the sound level and distance changes according to them the voltage measurement also get varies. Along with the different types of audios, this level is the weakest one comparatively and if you want to bring them to the line in inputs there you require a preamp.

In the mic inputs, the female XLR cables will be used but in the line in inputs, the advanced RCA cables are used which can transfer higher signal levels. In this case, having mic input like line in not a big thing the amount of voltage it supplies is going to be the matter.

Final words

Simply, the signals and the voltage level of these line in and mic inputs get varies from one another. In this case, connecting your device properly with the appropriate inputs will be the better option to safeguard your equipment.